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[05.08] We Have Available Spaces for Advertising near Salmaniya Hosipital and Health Centres

[05.08]Around 60 Locations for Mubis Stand


Manama, Muharraq

Budaiya, Awali

Salmaniya, Naim

Sitra, Isa Town

Riffa, East Riffa, West Riffa

Sannad, Seef Area

E-Mail: amana-adv@live.com

Phone: (+973) 17 401149
------: ( +973) 39935545

Fax : (+973)

Address: Manama, Bahrain
P.O.Box: 30433

About Us

Amana is the Best Advertising company in Bahrain that came into existance in 1983

And we Been the most Famous Advertisers in Bahrain

We have almost more than 60 locations available.

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